Me in my swimming suit

Me in my swimming suit
Love this outfit

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Response To The Actions Of A God

Today my dad banned all the gods from participating in the mortal's war. I'm completely outraged that he would do this to his own daughter, now my son Aeneas is sure to die without my help. He says he has some kind of master plan for how this war is going to turn out, but I don't care about his plan if Aeneas isn't alive in it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interview on M.O.L. magazine!

Hermes: Hello Aphrodite, always a pleasure to see you, so you've of course heard about the whole situation with your uncle Hades and your cousin Persephone

Aphrodite: Of course I have Hermes and I must say that I'm appalled that uncle Hades would even think about sleeping with a mere mortal, even if she is a demi-god. Keep the god's blood pure and don't mix it with the mortals I always say

Hermes: Well Aphrodite you have a demi-god son living in Troy don't you? Young Aeneas wasn't it?

Aphrodite: Ah yes, Aeneas, I was young and foolish in mixing my blood with a mortals, but this doesn't mean I love him any less. I just think that we should stop interfering with human life completely, what good has it ever done us or them?

Hermes: Maybe so, but we should stick to the topic on hand. Do you have anything more to add about Persephone and Hades

Aphrodite: Well obviously I think it's wrong to steal a young innocent girl such as Persephone, but I think that she should feel honored that she was chosen by one of the three great gods.

Hermes: Well thanks for that Aphrodite, but that's all the time we have, see you next time on Mt.Olypus life magazine.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Illiad Poem

The story of Aeneas

The battle for the Fair Helena had begun
Proud Aeneas fighting for the Trojans
Surrounded on all sides by Acheans
Raised his sword like an aquatic fin
Down Descended Aphrodite
Down She Descended from the heavens
Submersing herself into the fighting
To protect her son from mortal men
Disguised as a mortal but fierce as a god
Sending mortal men to her uncle Hades
Diamedes is wounded against all odds
He prays to Athena, endowed with divine enragement
She tells him out of all gods he can attack but one
The majestic Aphrodite
He slits her wrists and Ares sends her past the horizon
To Olympus away from the fighting
Apollo takes the place of Aeneas’s protector
Until the battle is ended by the Trojan Hector
Thanks to Apollo Aeneas is safe
Aphrodite watches, honor depraved

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Poem about my life

Hey guys, I just wrote this and thought I should share it with all my Olympus friends

Passionate, Care-free, Happy, Beautiful
Daughter of Zeus
Lover of Jewels, the dove, and life
Who feels love, loved, caring, and cared about
Who needs to feel important, pretty, and happy
Who fears no man, jealousy, and being alone
Who gives love, help to women in the pain of child-birth, and beauty
Who would like to see Hera finish what she started with Hephaestus
A room filled with Jewels
And More love in the world
Resident of a volcano
A.K.A the wife of Hephaestus

First Blog Post

Hephaestus finally convinced me to get a blog, I love that man to death but he can be stubborn as a mule. If you don't know me very well some things to know are I'm the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. I help women in childbirth. I'm married to Hephaestus, and my daddy is Zues. That's all for now. TTYL