Me in my swimming suit

Me in my swimming suit
Love this outfit

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Illiad Poem

The story of Aeneas

The battle for the Fair Helena had begun
Proud Aeneas fighting for the Trojans
Surrounded on all sides by Acheans
Raised his sword like an aquatic fin
Down Descended Aphrodite
Down She Descended from the heavens
Submersing herself into the fighting
To protect her son from mortal men
Disguised as a mortal but fierce as a god
Sending mortal men to her uncle Hades
Diamedes is wounded against all odds
He prays to Athena, endowed with divine enragement
She tells him out of all gods he can attack but one
The majestic Aphrodite
He slits her wrists and Ares sends her past the horizon
To Olympus away from the fighting
Apollo takes the place of Aeneas’s protector
Until the battle is ended by the Trojan Hector
Thanks to Apollo Aeneas is safe
Aphrodite watches, honor depraved

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness you and Apollo protected Aeneas. If he had died on the planes of Ilium (Troy), mortals of today might not have Roman numerals or sweet sports cars or even pizza!
    Yours truly,
    the Huntress